• "Excellent work with my "frozen" shoulder that the physical therapist couldn't resolve in the short amount of time since my initial assessment with Dr. Blue! Thank you and would recommend!"
    Lam N.
  • "My insomnia was gone after 4 visits to Dr. Blue. She is the best!"
    Megan G.
  • "Dr. Martie Blue saved my day today. You just have no idea how bad my shoulder/neck was hurting and Dr. Blue took all that hurt away in this treatment. Thank you Dr. Blue."
    Jo-Nell B.
  • "Dr Blue is amazing! Not only can she combine humor and compassion with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, but she is an incredible chiropractor. I've referred friends who have told me they just can't take the pain anymore. They try everything from yoga to narcotics. After seeing Dr Blue for a few weeks, they are pain and drug free. I myself have been able to come off BP meds, sleeping meds, and allergy meds. Don't mess around anymore with bandaids, go see Dr Blue for a true treatment that gets results!"
    Tracy T.
  • "Made me feel the best I have ever felt, both physically and mentally!!"
    William D.
  • "Glad to have crossed paths with Dr Blue when she first came to Louisville...one of the best around and actually LISTENS to her patients. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a natural treatment for pain to give her a shout!"
    Kristin S.
  • "Love! Love! Love! Dr. Blue. I had serious neck pain and was taking a 1000mg of ibuprofen a day. I now take nothing!! The use of the Graston Technique and specialized adjustments have changed my life. I love her open appointment hours -- I can go on my lunch. She is thorough, effective, and pleasant to work with."
    Suzi K.
  • "Dr. Blue has helped me tremendously; she is professional, welcoming, and puts you at ease from the moment you meet her! The tension and tightness in my neck have almost disappeared. I have experienced a great deal of improvement in my range of motion due to her treatments. I look forward to continuing my treatment plan and feeling the benefits."
    Tony D.
  • "Life changing experience.... I never expected to get such phenomenal results. Wish I would have opened my mind to trying out Dr.Blue years ago. Give it a try and see for yourself!!!"
    Ameila E.

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